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Buenos Aires is one of the most cosmopolitan capitals in South America. The widely diverse population creates a dynamic mixture of Latin American and European culture, which is reflected in the city’s eclectic architecture, distinct cuisine, and rich cultural life.

Buenos Aires is home to an incomparable array of theatres, bookstores, cafés, museums and milongas (tango salons), and it has a vibrant and exciting nightlife. The majority of the porteños are of Spanish or Italian descent. However, this city is also home to significant communities with Arab, Jewish, Armenian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean ancestry.

Buenos Aires has a temperate climate. Winters are mild; the summer, on the other hand, can be quite hot and humid.

AROUG recommends the following activies.

Cafe Tortoni
Cafe Tortoni

Caminito, With an Oil Aroma
A Coffee at Café Tortoni
Visit to the Cabildo Yard
Paseo de la Historieta in San Telmo

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